Thursday, October 17, 2019

Behind the Open Borders Movement

From The Epoch Times:
Michelle Malkin, author and political commentator, was inspired to write her newest book after  caravans of migrants from Central America began piling illegally across the U.S.–Mexico border in November 2018. The book, “Open Borders Inc. Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?”, is a 500-page compendium that makes the case that U.S. sovereignty is on the brink of being lost, sold out through endless illegal immigration, amnesty deals, sanctuary policies, the refugee program, and systematic attacks on immigration enforcement.

Malkin’s investigative premise was to follow the money, and this sentence perhaps best sums up her claim: “The open borders conspiracy enabling unrelenting waves of migrant outlaws is a colossal profit-seeking venture cloaked in humanitarian virtue.” Malkin names hundreds of nonprofit groups and churches, with billion-dollar budgets, that are involved in eliminating America’s borders and creating a global governance. She names corporations, Silicon Valley CEOs, and Hollywood elites who push for a borderless America, and the liberal media that she says is complicit. She calls hedge fund billionaire George Soros the CEO of “Open Borders Inc.” Malkin said billions, if not trillions, of dollars are involved. (Read more.)

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