Friday, October 4, 2019

A Memorandum by Queen Victoria

Victoria of the United Kingdom, the Princess Royal
Queen Victoria rejoices in the betrothal of her oldest daughter Vicky to the Frederick, the Crown Prince of Prussia. From History of Royal Women:
29 September 1855
I must write down at once what has happened – what I feel and how grateful I am to God for one of the happiest days of my life! When we got off our ponies this afternoon Fritz1 gave me a look which implied that his little proposal to Vicky2, which he had begged us to let him make – had succeeded… He said in answer to my question whether anything had occurred, yes – that while riding with her – just at the very beginning, he began of Germany, his hope that he would come there and stay there. They were interrupted in fact 3 times, upon one occasion by the picking up of some white heather, which he said was good luck – which he wished – and she him. At last towards the end of the ride he repeated again his observation about Prussia; she answered she would be happy to stay there for a year. He added he hoped always always – on which she became very red. He continued he hoped he had said nothing which annoyed her – to which she replied ‘Oh! No.’ He added might he tell her parents? Which then she expressed a wish to do herself. He then shook hands with her – said this was one of the happiest days of his life. I tell this all in a hurry. We approved all this…(Read more.)

Vicky and Fritz

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