Sunday, October 13, 2019

Primal Scream

From Victor Davis Hanson:
We've had a rich array of issues voiced on the Democratic primary platform and debates. Why don't House members say I'm going to introduce a bill for reparations, New Green Deal, I want to get legislation passed getting medicare for everybody or healthcare for illegal aliens. We don't see that. Instead, we are in to about the 10th iteration now. We had the voting machines lawsuit. 25th amendment. Logan Act. Emoluments clause. Mueller. Remember, we even had psychiatrists declaring Trump unfit.

So in that sense, this is just another version of an effort to delegitimize the president. And he is right also about his supporters. It wasn't just Hillary Clinton that said irredeemables and deplorables are the Trump voter. There was Joe Biden said that they were the dregs of society. I think Peter Strzok was caught in a text message saying basically they were smelly. We had CNN people say at Trump rallies people had no teeth. You saw that Jussie Smollett when he had that hoax he deliberately made the villains people with Trump hats. The same is true with the Covington kids. They were demonized because they had these red hats.

You put it all together and it's an effort to say this person had no political or military experience. He should not have won. He was out-fundraised. All the experts say he didn't have a chance. It couldn't happen and it did and it's illegitimate and we are not going to stand for it. I think, Martha, the only mystery is what's the end game with the impeachment?

Is it just a primal scream to get this emotion out or is it just to have an inquiry and create enough chaos and smears and leaks that maybe you can drive his polls down like we have already seen in the Rasmussen poll today or is it to actually have a vote and impeach him and then have an asterisk behind his name for the 2020 election?

Or maybe they believe they can flip three or four Senators in the Senate and while that's not enough constitutionally to result in a conviction and removal from office, the Democrats can say well, we had a majority vote to impeach him and we had a majority vote in the Senate. If we flip three or four Republican Senators, except for that stupid old constitution, we would have removed him. It's like the electoral college, they stopped this. (Read more.)


julygirl said...

Regarding the 'Dregs of Society' statement...everyone I know who are Trump supporters are college educated, brilliant, know history and the Constitution. As far as Trump being lawless, we are currently experiencing a movement against a duly elected President that verges on lawlessness. Also the current thinking among Democrats is moving toward removing our rights to freedom of religion and political choice. not to mention the push toward denying gender difference.

elena maria vidal said...

So true. I am always amazed at all the good Trump has accomplished in spite of the constant obstruction.