Friday, October 11, 2019

Hillary Clinton, Enemy of Womankind

From The Washington Examiner:
NBC ultimately got rid of Farrow, compromising actual investigative journalism and bending the knee to a producer of literal fiction. That is an outright scandal on its own, but Clinton's own obeisance, shockingly enough, presents a new twist in her narrative of villainy nearly half a century into her public life: Hillary didn't just harm women when it was absolutely necessary to save her husband. She was willing to do it for anyone with a modicum of power, and even after her own pursuit of the top office seemed finished. 
Note that at this point Weinstein was already desperate. His threats were futile, so there's no excuse for those who complied with his demands. Woody Allen — Farrow's own estranged father and a fellow credibly accused of his own sexual predations — flatly refused to assist Weinstein in his pursuit to silence Farrow. 
While we don't have all the details thus far, what we know is this: In 2017, Hillary knew (hopefully) that she would never, ever be president. She, a millionaire celebrity beloved by our sycophantic media, had presumably nothing but extra plaudits and dinner party invitations from Weinstein, whose star was already on the wane. And yet, with a single ask, she got her publicist to attempt to silence Farrow's story, which had nothing to do with the Clintons. Some months later, Hillary likely allowed Weinstein to use a documentary starring her as bait to cajole a news organization to shut down the most groundbreaking news story of the year. (Read more.)

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