Saturday, March 23, 2019

Drawings by Marie-Antoinette

The Immaculate Conception by Marie-Antoinette, 1770
Angel by Marie-Antoinette
La Reina Adolecente offers some drawings attributed to Marie-Antoinette when she was a child and a teenager in Vienna. Drawings include an angel, her father Emperor Francis I, a wayside inn, one of her patron saints St. John the Baptist, and the Blessed Mother under her title of The Immaculate Conception. The Immaculate Conception was the patroness of the Habsburg Empire, as I mention in my book Daughter of the Caesars. As for the inn, Marie-Antoinette was always fascinated by the lives of ordinary people, and would later have a "tavern" at her open-air market at Trianon.

St. John the Baptist
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