Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Weddings of Grace

Here is an amazing interview with a wedding dress designer who offers faith as well as beauty. As a sometime bridal consultant, I am so encouraged and heartened by the words of designer Justina McCaffrey, who says:

It is easy for people to get distracted about what a wedding actually is -- a man and woman giving themselves entirely to each other. And for a woman, this event is a new way to live out her femininity.

A woman's body is designed to be in relationship to others, seen most clearly in her ability to have children, but also in smaller details, like the way her arms are shaped.

If you look at a man's arms held out with palms up, they are straight, but a woman's arms have a curve to them at the elbow. This curve allows her to embrace others, particularly her husband and children. A wedding is the beginning of bringing feminine gifts into their fullness.

Isn't that beautiful? Please read the entire interview; it is wonderful.


Warren said...

Ooh. That's very Schmoopy. I love it.


Warren said...

It turns out she's Canadian, native of the 'Peg. (Winnipeg).

Yay Canada! :-)

Her company web site. I felt like emailing her to say, "wow!". But no email here:


elena maria vidal said...

Thanks, Warren. I was delighted to see she is a Canadian.

Ginny said...


Far too many women today see a wedding as their 'five minutes of fame', their time to impress everyone. I'm so glad to see that she is a wedding planner with a difference! BRAVO to her! I would certainly hire someone who thinks like her to plan my wedding!