Friday, May 25, 2007

The Return of Paganism

From the NOR:

Early Christians considered abortion to be worse than other murder. Not only was the baby deprived of life on earth, but without baptism he was thought to be deprived of Heaven. (Today the Church offers hope that through Our Lord's infinite mercy aborted babies, although deprived of baptism, may enter Heaven.) Consequently, in the early centuries of the Church, when penances were long and severe, lifetime penance was assigned to those guilty of abortion or infanticide. In fact, throughout the Middle Ages and up to the present time, absolution for abortion has been reserved under canon law to the bishop, though in recent times most bishops have extended that privilege to their priests.

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Anonymous said...

I did hear that many British doctors were shying away from doing abortions. I hope that is true...but what horror a doctor who doesnt want to do the procedure and the mother who wishes to murder her own child...*shakes my head*

Yours in Christ,