Thursday, May 17, 2007


Jesu, nostra redemptio
Amor et desiderium,
Deus Creator omnium
Homo in sine temporum.

There are few words more beautiful. Happy Ascension Day! Share


Anonymous said...

They are lovely indeed, but can you translate, please? :-)

Happy Ascension Day!

elena maria vidal said...

Surely, I will post it when I get back from Mass.

faafafa said...


im 20 years old, writing from Chile.i just wanted to say that, eventhough im certainly not religious or conservative, i enjoy your blogs, specially for the stories about madame royale and the tragic events that surrounded the royal family during the revolution, wich is a subject im obsessed with.

keep on, its very interesting.

elena maria vidal said...

Here is the gist of it:

"O Jesus, Author of man’s salvation, the delight of our hearts, the Creator of the world redeemed, and chaste light of those that love Thee.” —Caswall.

Thank you, el autor, and please visit often!

Anonymous said...

Well, that is just exquisite. You're right -- there are few words more beautiful. Thank you. I will bring it to tonight's Mass and pray it right after a silent, small, nearly inadequate but deeply happy Anima Christi.


elena maria vidal said...

Oh, but none of our prayers are adequate, dear Carol. His love will supply all that is needed.