Sunday, May 13, 2007

Healing and Wholeness in the Family

Here is an excellent article by Dr. Conrad Baars, who says:

If we realize how many people in our society go by the pseudo-Christian principle of trying so hard not to hurt people’s feelings, we see how widespread this disorder is, this state of psychic weakness in our society. I said “pseudo-Christian” because it is not Christian to go out of our way not to hurt another person’s feelings. Christ hurt a lot of people’s feelings. As the result of that, He was put to death. And yet we think we are real Christians when we try so hard not to hurt people’s feelings. It typifies the fear of another person not loving us, of becoming angry at us. Because a person is helpless, he wants to be loved. Such persons can’t stand their own anger. They are afraid of the anger of others and they always feel inferior and inadequate. Share

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