Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer's lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm'd;
And every fair from fair sometimes declines,
By chance or nature's changing course untrimm'd;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade,
Nor lose possession of that fair thou owest;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander'st in his shade,
Win in eternal lines to time thou grow'st.
So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

by William Shakespeare Share


Anonymous said...

I once wrote a 'sonnet' based on this poem. It goes......
Neither memories of Kings nor jewels in their gilded crowns can ere outlive the thought of you. For when they die they crumble into destiny, but roses leave an aura sweet that lingers on 'til spring's first hour.

elena maria vidal said...

That is lovely!