Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Good Housekeeping

Genevieve has an amusing but poignant post about how feminism has poisoned the pride women once took in their housekeeping skills. Now women want to be "sexy, sassy, high-end, high-maintenance, degree-earning, pants-wearing, dominating man-eaters" rather than good mothers and homemakers. Share


Anonymous said...

Degree-earning and pants-wearing definitely apply to me! The degree-earning aspect applies to me as a professional librarian. While not as necessary for a public librarian, academic librarians increasingly need a secondary subject degree in addition to a master's in library science.
Like my library women colleagues, I wear pants and skirts. We tend to dress well since we are public servants. Although on Fridays we'll wear more relaxed outfits but still maintain a neat appearance.

elena maria vidal said...

Hi, Elisa, I don't think "pant-wearing" need be taken literally here. It refers to the expression of "wearing the pants in the family," meaning a woman who is the head of a family with a weak, subservient husband. Genevieve is not disparaging higher degrees for women (I have a couple myself) but pointing out the fact that we tend to value such "worldly" things more than the ability to be good wives, mothers and making a pleasant, cheerful home for the family.

Anonymous said...

My own tip for Good Housekeeping........er.....

WEAR Sunglasses it werx for me LOL!

I know I am being silly LOL!Hahahhaaa!!!

With love,

Daffy Marie

elena maria vidal said...

Or keep the blinds drawn so you won't see the dust.... And don't look up so you won't see the cobwebs.