Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Longfellow's Hiawatha

Poetry is back in style. Via the LRC.

Here is the epic poem. And here is an excerpt:

Ye who love the haunts of Nature,
Love the sunshine of the meadow,

Love the shadow of the forest,

Love the wind among the branches,

And the rain-shower and the snow-storm,

And the rushing of great rivers

Through their palisades of pine-trees,

And the thunder in the mountains,

Whose innumerable echoes

Flap like eagles in their eyries;-

Listen to these wild traditions,

To this Song of Hiawatha!


Michelle Therese said...

I remember reading that when I was a kid in Massachusetts!

Anonymous said...

"By the shores of Gitchigumee, by the Shining Big Sea Waters." When I finally had the thrill of looking out onto Lake Superior I thought of that poem. Do they read beautiful poetry in school anymore? Not being exposed to the beauty of the written word could be why there is so much morally revolting behavior.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, when the mind is filled with ugliness, the behavior is ugly. It is so important, especially for the young, to have their minds filled with beauty.