Saturday, June 22, 2024

"Conspiracy Theory" vs "Actual Factual Conspiracy"

 From Immutable Truth:

93% of Americans polled regardless of their political affiliation believe that there should be ZERO cheating in our elections. The 7% who are fine with the cheating tend to be insiders who are either participants of the cheating or beneficiaries of it. Those are the ones who vigorously protest, call me things like a “conspiracy theorist”, “election skeptic” and “election denier”. The 7%’ers offer statements like “debunked conspiracy” and “election misinformation”. If you know something say something…

Quietly come forward, we can protect your identity. You know full well what is going on is not right, it is not good and moreover this is the activities of America’s enemies, foreign and domestic. Whistleblowers will get protection…(Read more.)


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