Sunday, May 9, 2021

Unemployment Increases Under Biden

 Of course. What did you expect? From Jeffrey Lord:

In contrast to the record low unemployment levels for black and Hispanic Americans under former President Trump, “April’s report also continued to show stark differences in unemployment by race, with minority groups such as Black Americans and Hispanics facing above-average unemployment rates of 9.7% and 7.9%, respectively.”

Former President Trump’s economy was responsible for the longest and best performing bull market in history, which ended when COVID-19 emerged and governments forced businesses to close – creating an artificial recession. President Biden should be able to ride the recovery of the recession, but it seems that his policies are only able to be overestimated. While Biden’s economy has drastically failed to meet expectations, Trump’s economy consistently exceeded them, nearly doubling projected GDP growth during the third quarter of last year. (Read more.)

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