Thursday, May 20, 2021

The Night Rainbow

 From My Modern Met:

We think of rainbows as being reserved for the daytime, but it turns out that the colorful beam looks magnificent at night, too. Photographer Brian Haislip captured sight of a double moonbow—the rare nighttime version of a rainbow—that appeared over the water in Lexington Park, Maryland. In four images, he showcases the crash of lightning as it seemingly tussles with the multicolored arc while also highlighting the moonbows in calmer moments after the storm. The results are as unexpected as they are magical.

Haislip loves to snap pictures of storms. So, when he saw that there was a lightning storm going on, he trekked down to the waterfront in his neighborhood in hopes of photographing it. “This particular night,” he tells My Modern Met, “the lightning calmed down around 10 p.m. so I packed up and went back home to edit the lightning shots I got.” He heard more thunder in the distance around midnight. He was exhausted but as a self-proclaimed “storm addict,” he decided to grab his camera and head back to the same spot. (Read more.)

This reminds me of a poem: "If You're Afraid of the Dark, Remember the Night Rainbow."


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