Thursday, May 20, 2021

Web of Lies

 From The New York Post:

A fresh start and a chance to build a better life was all the Doggett family was looking for when they moved to Wenatchee, Washington. Instead, they became entangled in a monstrous child abuse scandal that pinned neighbor against neighbor in the mid-’90s. With 43 parents arrested on heinous molestation charges that resulted in dozens of children being forced into the foster care system, this series of incredible real-life events quickly became known as the Wenatchee Witch Hunt. It is the subject of Fox Nation’s newest docuseries: In The Valley of Sin.

This six-part series examines how police uncovered a horrifying child sex ring known among its members as ‘“The Circle.” Local authorities alleged that dozens of children were raped in the bedrooms of their parents, in the homes of their neighbors and at ritualized orgies on the altar of a church. In The Valley of Sin follows several families involved in these allegations along with how the truth finally came to light — that there was no sex ring after all. 

The series dives into the lives of several key characters in the case, including Pentecostal pastor Roby Roberson, who was among the first to recognize the innocence in the accused. But as the series continues, and Roby sets out to fight for the innocent, he and his wife find themselves in the center of this controversy. (Read more.)


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