Saturday, May 22, 2021

The Psychology of Green

My grandmother always said that green walls matched with everything. It seems they help people stay calm. From ArchDaily:

How many changes have you done to your interior space during this past year? Whether it was a change of furniture layout, repainting the walls, adding more light fixtures or perhaps even removing them, after spending so much time in one place, the space you were once used to didn’t make sense anymore. We could blame the overall situation for how we’ve been feeling lately, but as a matter of fact, the interior environment plays a huge role in how we feel or behave as well. However, if you were wondering why some neighbors seem much more undisturbed and serene even in the midst of a pandemic, it could be because the interior is greener on the other side.

In previous articles, we saw how colors change the perception of interior spaces; light colors enlarge rooms, while dark colors compress spaces and make them appear smaller. This is why when designers want to convey a specific mood or create an illusion, they play around with where they place dark walls. The same applies to materials and lighting; their choice selection and placement greatly influence the way people behave within that space.  (Read more.)


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