Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Forced Labor in China

 From Forbes:

America’s leading climate and environmental groups including Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Energy Foundation, and Environmental Defense Fund have not responded to repeated queries about evidence that China is forcing Uyghur Muslims to choose between forced labor at factories which make solar panels which all three groups promote, or being sent to concentration camps.

NRDC, Environmental Defense Fund, and Energy Foundation are the three most influential environmental organizations within the Biden Administration and among Democrats in Congress. In December President Joe Biden named NRDC President & CEO Gina McCarthy as his National Climate Advisor. The  organizations routinely denounce abuses of human rights and issue regular calls for environmental justice

Yesterday, the Solar Energy Industries Association issued a set of guidelines, or a “protocol,” for solar panel companies to use to avoid the use of genocide labor. “Solar customers expect their products to be ethically produced, and this protocol helps ensure that solar products coming into the United States are not made using forced labor,” it says. (Read more.)


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