Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Hungary’s New Ambassador to France

 From Hungary Today:

Hungary Today had the opportunity to interview György Habsburg (Georg von Habsburg), the newly appointed Hungarian Ambassador to France – and among other topics, he talked about his family’s past and present, the challenges and good experiences in his new position, coronavirus, politics, his national identity as a member of a multi-national dynasty, and of course, about his relationship with Hungary.

Your grandfather, Charles IV, the last Hungarian king, attempted to reclaim the throne exactly 100 years ago. If it would have worked out, I might not be talking to the Hungarian Ambassador to France right now…have you thought about this in connection with the anniversary?

Not really. I learned from my father to always be realistic. My family never thought about “what ifs” or lamenting what would have been “if it had happened otherwise.” I don’t think it’s very appropriate to think in this way. I’m more happy with the things I have, the present… and I’m so glad to be here in Paris. And well, what if? A lot of things could have happened, there could be a lot worse things going on in history if [the attempt to return] turned out differently. But this “if” is always there.

Have you talked about the attempt to reclaim the throne as a family, have you commemorated it?

Yes, we talked about it. My cousin, Eduard Habsburg, the Hungarian ambassador to the Vatican, prepared a detailed summary of the events and shared it on the internet and he also sent it to the whole family. I was very glad that he gathered all the information he found about this day, the return attempt. So in that way we remembered it. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus crisis, we could not hold a larger commemoration or meeting, we can only keep in touch on the internet. (Read more.)


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