Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Parents Need To Speak Up

 From The Federalist:

This story is instructive for a few reasons. First and foremost, it shows the public what critical race theory training actually looks like. In this case, critical race theory asserts that society is racist, whiteness is a problem, and that all unequal outcomes between different racial groups are proof of racism. To address this, employees are asked to denounce their whiteness, pledge their support of antiracist organizations, and work to equalize outcomes by penalizing privileged groups and rewarding victimized groups.

One can easily imagine how this kind of thinking can easily corrupt any organization. On an intellectual level, it is divisive, illogical, and unfair. On a practical level, it only worsens the problem it intends to solve. A school district that adopts critical race theory training and antiracist policies in the hopes of improving the academic performance of racial minorities only enables the behaviors and attitudes that create academic disparities in the first place.

Second, the story of critical race theory in Southlake shows that this type of thing can happen anywhere — even in a ritzy suburb in the heart of Dallas-Fort Worth. Unlike the people in the far-left suburbs of Illinois or California, people in Southlake lean conservative.

This fact is probably why the president and vice-president of the Carroll Independent School District school board likely broke the law by deciding by adopting critical race theory without public discussion. Few parents and employees would have approved of it and would loudly protest it if they knew — which is exactly what happened when they finally found out. (Read more.)


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