Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Restored Seventeenth-century Farmhouse

From Scene Therapy:

Rollitt also researched and acquired era-sensitive hardware that suited the 1675 building such as reclaimed kitchen floor flags, suitably sized chimneypieces and 17th-century parquet floors. However, the house is not stuck in the past, with lots of vivid pops of colours and strong prints to add flair and personality to each room, such as the specialist teal finish on the kitchen base cabinets, the zig-zag Watts of Westminster prints on the dining room chairs, and the deep red velvet regency sofa in the sitting room.The unique box bed in the attic’s eaves was made by Dunne & Co, and is the perfect space-saving creation for the awkward angles of sloping attic roofs, but is also a nod to the historic origins of this house. The rustic woods match the timber beams, while the print curtains add warmth to this snug sleeping space. (Read more.)


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