Saturday, June 12, 2021

Viking Treasure Hoard

 From BBC:

The Galloway hoard was discovered in 2014 by metal detectorist Derek McLennan from Ayrshire and was acquired by National Museums Scotland (NMS) three years later. It has been described as "one of the most important UK archaeological finds of the century". NMS senior curator Dr Martin Goldberg said it still had the power to surprise.

"There is something unexpected about the Galloway hoard at every turn," he said. "It just keeps telling more and more stories." The latest is about a lidded vessel which held some of the hoard's most precious treasures. It was thought to come from continental Europe, but a new 3D model of the container suggests it might come from much further afield.

 Research has also shown that the wool wrapping the vessel is older than expected and pre-dates the Viking era.

"This is only the third silver-gilt and decorated vessel to be found as part of a Viking-age hoard in the UK, and so we might have expected it to be like the other two," said Dr Goldberg. "However, the 3D model reveals that the vessel is not from the Carolingian (Holy Roman) Empire of continental Europe as we'd expected based on other similar examples.

"Instead, the decoration and design show leopards, tigers and Zoroastrian religious symbols, all of which suggest that it is a piece of central Asian metalwork from halfway round the known world." (Read more.)


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