Thursday, June 17, 2021

Ernest Hemingway and the Greek Genocide

 From The Greek Reporter:

Ernest Hemingway witnessed at first hand, as a young journalist, the displacement of the Greek population from their ancestral homelands in Pontus, Thrace and Asia Minor. His restless spirit of adventure took him to many places, where he so often received the inspiration to write his timeless books. He went to Spain during their civil war, he lived in Paris and spent time in Cuba. However, early on in his adult life, he spent two years in Constantinople and was introduced to Greek culture during a tragic time for Hellenism.

Little is known about the writer’s beginnings as a journalist and his writings on the war between Greece and Turkey, which took place between 1920 to 1922. Hemingway was only 23 years of age when, on September 30, 1922, he arrived in Constantinople as a war correspondent to cover the Greco-Turkish War for the Toronto Star. (Read more.)


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