Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Medieval Weapons

 From The Archive:

In Europe, the Middle Ages lasted from the fifth through the end of the 15th century, and much of that time was shaped by conflict. Germanic tribes clashed with the soldiers of the Roman Empire, eventually leading to the fall of the Western Roman Empire, leaving only Byzantium in the east. The Crusades were fought to reclaim the Holy Land from what the Byzantines and other Europeans saw as Muslim invaders, and the Hundred Years War was waged between France and England, to name just a few of the conflicts that rocked the west. To the east, China suffered upheavals of its own as the Tang Dynasty, which had ruled for nearly 300 years, gave way to the fractious Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

During these many conflicts, new ways of waging war were developed across fronts ranging from China to England and beyond. Many of these new weapons not only help to turn the tide of battle, but changed the way that warfare was fought, in many cases forever. Here are eight of the most significant new weapons developed during the medieval period, and how they changed the face of battle for centuries to come. (Read more.)


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