Saturday, June 5, 2021

Critical Race Theory Amounts to Identity Theft

 From Dr. Alveda King at Newsmax:

What is systemic racism? Systemic racism is the process of embedding a premise of racism into legal systems of a society. Systemic racism occurs within a government that uses money from people of influence who want to control human populations to elect government officials who will promote their agendas.

Systemic Racism, paired with the socially engineered Critical Race Theory (CRT) makes bad business for America. What is Systemic Racism? Here’s an example: Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a renowned racist and eugenicist, helped to promote an agenda of genocide which included birth control to what she considered to be the less needed communities of people on the planet.

In Sanger's own words, Sanger declared that colored people were like "human weeds" who needed to be exterminated. Even though Sanger died years ago, her legacy is well funded through private donations and political strategies paying lobbyists to promote the abortion agenda legislatively. Many laws are on the books, making abortion a lucrative contender in the system.

Here’s another example. Then Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., helped to escalate marijuana from being a misdemeanor to a federal offense in order to incarcerate low hanging fruit that included the black communities. Changing the laws helped to incarcerate thousands of Black men; systemically crippling families and communities for generations.

Systemic racism sometimes works through efforts of population control. There are many examples of systemic racism. For example, when America was seeking independence from Britain, the soldiers gave Native Americans blankets infested with smallpox to reduce the communities of the Native American Communities.

That was population control. That was systemic racism.

Systemic Racism coupled with Darwin’s theory of a superior race of humans is a dangerous threat to the survival of the one blood human race. This is the basis of a Critical Race Theory. What is the basis of this phenomenon? (Read more.)


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