Thursday, June 24, 2021

The Royal Serenade of the Palace of Versailles 2021

From  Sortir à Paris:

 With its Royal Serenade, the Palace of Versailles makes us live the entertainments of the Sun King’s Court for a 40-minute guided tour. Brace yourself to attend a dance lesson and a fencing show on Saturdays from June 12 to September 18, 2021. (Re)discover the Grands Appartements of the Palace of Versailles this summer with the King’s Valet, for a 40-minute visit, meeting baroque musicians and dancers: The Royal Serenade. From the Hercules Room to the Marbled Room via the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Serenade immerses you within the Sun King’s Versailles, discovering activities offered to the King. (Read more.)

 La Sérénade Royale au Château de Versailles, les photos


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