Wednesday, June 30, 2021

‘God Will Show His Face, We’re Not Going to Disappear’

 From The Daily Wire:

In a June 22 interview with Candace Owens, Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight said while America seems to be experiencing a dark night of the soul due to hateful rhetoric, racial division, and the rise of socialist policies, he believes the nation will recover her founding vision.

“[Americans] just feel so downtrodden. And there’s just a tremendous sadness, almost, you know, like where do we go from here?” Owens, host of the Daily Wire’s talk show, “Candace,” asked Voight, adding, “It doesn’t feel like we have our country. There’s so much division, there’s so much hate, there’s so much bad rhetoric. And it feels like the people that have the most power are trying to do the most damage.”

“Well, I agree with what you’re saying,” Voight responded, “but my answer to all of this, this cloud that’s over us, this dark cloud, is that God is in his seat.”

Voight said he’s encouraged by stories he reads in the Bible that demonstrate that, ultimately, those who are trying to sow discord and strife will be the ones to experience trouble.

“God will show his face. And those who are blessed to see the truth like yourself,” he said to Owens, “will show us the way out and God will be exposing things as we go. We will rise again.” (Read more.)


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julygirl said...

The people 'in power' fail to realize there are 75 to 80 million of us whom they rely upon for all their daily needs including food and everything else necessary to sustain their privileged lifestyle. Since they communicate only with their own kind and only listen to skewed news reports, they are oblivious of what the rest of the Country stands for.