Friday, June 11, 2021

Tilghman Island

 Definitely worth the trip. From Chesapeake Living:

The museum houses artifacts donated by people who live on the island or visit. They’ve moved into a restored “W” house, one of 12 built on the island around the turn of the century. They’re unique to the island, according to locals. Only five are left on the island.

It’s also a popular cycling route from St. Michaels to the island and back, about 15 miles one way if you go to the end of the island. The highway is a bike route and has wide shoulders up to the island; traffic is relatively light.

Dogwood Harbor (21308 Phillips Road) about mid-island still has rows of watermen’s boats. These are working boats and may be one of the largest collection in one spot on the Chesapeake Bay. (Read more.)


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