Thursday, December 12, 2019

When Children Suffer

From Life Site:
Over the years, I’ve talked with many children and teens in counseling sessions. What they have expressed about their situations confirm that my childhood experiences were not unique. When adults pursue transgender fantasies, children suffer. Some children mask their pain by addictive behaviors that lead to further destruction in their lives. Many look for a father figure elsewhere to fill that gaping hole in their lives, but all admit they needed time to grieve. I wonder if Jenner has considered Khloe’s loss of a father figure, a role he once filled in her life.

The holiday season is particularly difficult for families of transgenders. The father or mother on whom a child depended no longer exists. The child grieves for the parent who is still alive but denies his or her genuine self, created by the hand of God. Similarly, spouses grieve for their missing mate, and parents of a transgender grieve for the child who used to attend family gatherings and participate in holiday traditions. Often, these family members suffer silently during the holidays. They try to hold back the tears as they plaster fake smiles on their faces and pretend nothing has changed when, in reality, the tsunami of transgenderism has devastated their lives.

Like Jenner, many transgenders place themselves in the position of the offended, misunderstood family member. They seek sympathy but may refuse to extend it to their family members. If nothing else, Jenner and other transgenders need to demonstrate compassion for family members and attempt to understand their heartache. Instead of lamenting Khloe’s “issues” in public, perhaps Jenner could take a step toward reconciliation by first recognizing the loss in Khloe’s life and the pain he has caused, and then respectfully offering her space for healing and love without conditions. (Read more.)

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