Saturday, December 7, 2019

Of Course They Want to Impeach Him

From Scott Jennings at CNN:
When the liberal law professors are neglecting their Thanksgiving turkeys to read congressional transcripts and snarking about Trump's 13-year old son, Trump is winning. When the politicians are mad — so mad that they have shut down all policymaking to impeach the President of the United States on what constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley called "wafer thin" evidence —Trump is winning. 
You have to remember: Donald Trump wasn't elected to fit in with these people — the political, intellectual class -- to make them happy, or to become one of them. He was elected to break them. And that's apparently what he's done. After Wednesday's House Judiciary Committee hearing featuring three liberal law professors and Thursday's announcement by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that her conference is moving forward with impeachment, the die is cast -- Donald Trump will be the third president in American history to be impeached by the House of Representatives.
And honestly, that's just fine with Trump's supporters. What better evidence is there that you've shaken Washington to its core when the minders of a system you've come to despise are leveling the gravest punishment the system permits against the very President who is doing the shaking up? We can lawyer this to death, but for many Americans this comes down to a simple observation -- Trump said he was going to rattle their cages, and by golly they seem rattled. 
Trump's supporters have known since election night that this day would eventually come. After all, his sworn enemies have been openly promising it since before he was sworn into office! They've used words like "resistance," "coup," "insurance policy," and "impeachment" so often that, now that they are actually doing it, the American people — and Republicans especially — are offering a collective yawn. 
Rueful analysts stare into television cameras, lamenting and wondering why Republicans aren't fleeing from the President over the impeachment hearings (he stands at 90% approval among his party in the latest Gallup poll). But there won't be massive convulsions in public opinion because everyone has known for three years what was going to happen. (Read more.)

From Trending Politics:
A big claim made in the ongoing impeachment inquiry involving Rudy Giuliani is now in doubt according to a recent report. Earlier this week, Rep. Adam Schiff claimed that President Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani was in contact with the United States Office of Management and Budget who were responsible for holding back the $400 million in aid to Ukraine. “House Democrats earlier this week released records asserting that Rudy Giuliani was in contact with a phone number associated with the White House budget office, where $400 million in aid to Ukraine was temporarily put on hold this summer,” The Wall Street Journal said. “That assertion, however, is now in doubt. The previously undisclosed phone number cited by the House Intelligence Committee in its impeachment inquiry report, which The Wall Street Journal has identified, isn’t directly linked to the Office of Management and Budget. It could instead reflect phone calls from other parts of the White House, according to people familiar with the matter.”According to a Democrat in the House, the phone number Rep. Adam Schiff provided may not be accurate: “We don’t definitively know who the call was to because the White House has ignored our subpoena.” 
"The Journal noted that OMB officials stated that Giuliani did not speak with on one their staff and that a White House official previously stated White House call logs do not match up with phone records of acting chief of staff and budget office director Mick Mulvaney," the Daily Wire added. (Read more.


julygirl said...

This Impeachment hullabaloo is setting a dangerous precedent in American politics. The Democrats in the House of Reps are causing the American people to feel powerless, and it does not promote their cause. They are so swept up in their righteous indignation they have become blind to their own hypocrisy. They believe we 'Deplorables' will be in awe of the people they have dragged out to submit 'testimony'. Well, I can assure you that every single person I know who voted for Donald Trump has a college education, some have advanced college degrees, and all were honor students from primary school through college. If this whole thing were not so pathetic, (and dangerous), it would be laughable. Nancy, you show your stupidity every time you open your mouth....and, by the way, I lived in Baltimore, Maryland during the time your family ruled the show there, so I know the kind of 'values' under which you were raised.

elena maria vidal said...

Yes, Mafioso tactics are now in the House of Representatives. What a disgrace.