Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Impeachment Is Failing

From PJ Media:
In the video, Schiff concocts scheme after impeachment scheme and they all blow up in his face. That’s what the American people are seeing in the impeachment of President Donald Trump – the Democrats have been trying to remove Trump by any means they could find since before he took office. First it was Russia! Russia! Russia!, now it’s the Ukraine phone call. There was nothing wrong with the Ukraine phone call. In Hunter Biden and his enormous monthly paycheck from Ukraine energy company Burisma while Joe Biden, his father, was vice president of the United States, there is strong evidence of a pay-to-play arrangement – even a quid pro quo, to borrow the Latin phrase the Democrats used for impeachment and then quickly discarded once it polled poorly. Democrats forgot they’ve pushed Latin out of our education system in favor of divisive social indoctrination. (Read more.)

From The Epoch Times:
The case built by Democrats running the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump currently rests entirely on secondhand evidence, assumptions, and speculation, according to a report released by House Republicans on Dec. 2. Republicans released the 123-page report (pdf) one day before House Intelligence Committee Democrats released a report of their own on Dec. 3. The Democrat report is expected to soon be presented before the House Judiciary Committee. Trump said he read the Republican report during his flight to the United Kingdom.

Republicans assess that the Democrats have so far failed to substantiate the allegation at the core of the impeachment inquiry: that Trump sought to boost his reelection chances by pressuring Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, a potential political rival. While Democrats assert that the allegation has been proven, during the past several weeks, no witness has offered firsthand evidence of Trump exerting pressure or conditioning any official act on Ukraine’s compliance with his request. “The evidence does not support the accusation that President Trump pressured President Zelensky to initiate investigations for the purpose of benefiting the President in the 2020 election,” the report stated.

“The evidence does not support the accusation that President Trump covered up the summary of his phone conversation with President Zelensky. The evidence does not support the accusation that President Trump obstructed the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry.” (Read more.)

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