Monday, December 2, 2019

Badminton House

An interview with the Duchess of Beaufort. From Vogue:
The house has 20 bedrooms and bathrooms, and it takes us almost two hours to go around all of them, Georgia fluffing bedcovers, stocking the bathrooms, and moving armfuls of 1960s original Penguin paperbacks from one floor to another because “I love having a pile of interesting books on the bedside tables.” (As the granddaughter of writers Anthony Powell and Lady Violet Pakenham, she has broad literary interests.) The bedrooms veer from exotic grandeur to traditional English charm. “You might think everything here is exactly as it always was,” says Georgia as we head into the Fuchsia Room, with its fluted double columns, pink posy-print chintz, and oak-paneled bathroom, “but things are subtly being redone, in keeping with the aesthetic. Why would I tear down 18th-century wallpaper? I like the idea that I am adding a new layer to centuries of layers.” Decorator Nicky Haslam, a guest at their wedding party—a “glam rave” in the ballroom—admires Georgia’s restraint, saying, “The decor is magical. It needs a bit of freshening up, but not too much. Georgia’s a classicist. She won’t go in and rip it up and put in spiky chairs.” (Read more.)

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