Monday, December 2, 2019

King Tut’s Death

One of the best-known Egyptologists believes that he has finally solved the mystery of the death of Tutankhamun. He claims that the young pharaoh died after his leg became infected after an accident. The expert claims that he has conclusive evidence that Tutankhamun was not murdered, a theory that is popular among some specialists. Tutankhamun of the 18th dynasty is perhaps the best-known of all pharaohs thanks to the discovery of his tomb in the Valley of the Kings , despite his brief reign. He was the son of Akhenaten, the notorious heretic pharaoh, who married his own sister. As a result, Tutankhamun is believed to have been born with a number of deformities, including an elongated skull .
Tutankhamun died while he was very young. Because of damage to his mummified corpse, it has been very difficult to officially establish the cause of death, reports the London website. There are several theories about the cause of death of the young monarch. One theory holds that he was murdered, which was developed in the 1960s after a loose piece of bone was found in his skull. This was believed to have been the result of “a hard blow to the head” according to London . (Read more.)

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Nancy Reyes said...

or maybe his chariot was sabotaged, similar to the myth of Pelops winning a race because he replaced the lynch pin with one made of wax.

If you are thrown from a Chariot, you hit your thigh against the front and break it. Thigh fractures without other injuries are uncommon in young people even today, except in car accidents.