Tuesday, December 17, 2019

An Emerald Necklace

From Vogue:
It comes as a surprise then that the Queen unveiled a never-before-seen emerald and diamond necklace at the annual diplomatic reception held at Buckingham Palace this week. To accent her white gown and Vladimir tiara (the same tiara the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was allegedly not allowed to wear to her royal wedding), the Queen made her appearance in a yet-unseen emerald and diamond drops necklace.

As per Peoplethe necklace in question, comprised of 10 emerald drops, bears a resemblance to the Greville emerald necklace belonging to the Queen’s mother. However its setting (specifically, the drop design of the emeralds) suggests that the Greville necklace may have either been reset, or that the Queen’s jewellery piece is entirely new.

Given the Queen paired the necklace with the Greville emerald and diamond drop earrings, it is likely the speculation that the jewellery piece is a revision of the original may indeed be true, though this has not been confirmed. The Queen’s bracelets however, have been identified as two Cartier Art Deco bracelets, these too featuring diamonds and emeralds.

As reported by People, the details and history of the Greville jewels are themselves mysterious, surrounded by an air of intrigue and hard to ascertain. A gift from Dame Margaret Greville (a patron of Cartier and Boucheron) to the late Queen Mother in 1942, it is believed that pieces in the collection (including the Greville emerald and diamond necklace) once belonged to Marie Antoinette and the Empress Josephine of France, imbuing the jewellery with an important royal and historical legacy. (Read more.)

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