Saturday, December 28, 2019

The Richard III Angel

From Buckingham Today: 
An extremely rare Richard III gold coin that was found by a metal detectorist in Buckingham in September is to be kept in town after £40,000 was raised to ensure it stayed here. The Richard III half angel gold coin was found by detectorist David Bethell at a location within a one mile radius of the town centre in September. There are only seven known examples of the coin in the world and none are on permanent public display. A campaign was launched back in October with the aim of keeping the historic find within the town. The Old Gaol team had until the end of this year to raise £40,000 and although some of the money came from grants, a local interest in keeping hold of the coin needed to be demonstrated first.

Matt Parker, a trustee at the Old Gaol, who was involved in the campaign to keep the find here said: “We needed to raise £40,000 and I am delighted that residents and businesses answered our call through donations and pledges.

“We are delighted with the community interest – we have had lots of support from businesses and pledges from as far away as Australia.

“I cannot give the exact breakdown, but a very substantial amount of what we have raised has come from local fundraisers. (Read more.)

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