Monday, December 23, 2019

Ancient Celtic Shield Discovered

From Express:
Approximately 20 humans buried inside chariots have been found in the past 100 years or so, mostly in Yorkshire – but without horses. Paula Ware, the director of Map Archaeological Practice, which excavated the grave, said: “The magnitude and preservation of the Pocklington chariot burial has no British parallel, providing a greater insight into the Iron Age epoch.” The archaeologist called the shield an “incomparable” Iron Age find due to its “previously unknown design feature”.
She said the shield’s scalloped border “is not comparable to any other Iron Age finds across Europe, adding to its valuable uniqueness”. Ms Ware added: “The popular belief is that elaborate metal-faced shields were purely ceremonial, reflecting status, but not used in battle.

“Signs of repairs can also be seen, suggesting the shield was not only old but likely to have been well used.”

The Iron Age grave, the inhabitant of which is believed to have died between 320BC and 174BC, was first discovered at a building site in the market town in 2018. (Read more.)

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