Monday, March 18, 2019

The Sordid Plot to Overthrow Mary Queen of Scots

The Murder of David Rizzio
In spite of the gossip about Rizzio, Darnley was the father of James I, as anyone can see by comparing portraits of James I with Darnley's father, the Earl of Lennox. Also James' eldest son Henry, Prince of Wales, looked exactly like Darnley. The gist of the matter is that the Lords used Darnley's conflicted and jealous feelings about Rizzio to persuade him to join their plot to kill the Italian secretary. The main reason they wanted Rizzio dead was that he was a Catholic with possible connections to the Vatican. From Vintage News:
The two became bitter foes, and his suspicion towards Rizzio grew, as the young courtier became more and more close to the Queen. Add to the mixture that Mary Stuart was carrying a child at the time, and that many of the courtiers pointed their fingers at David Rizzio to be the father, although no evidence for such claims existed. Darnley was furious. Together with his father, Matthew Stuart, 4th Earl of Lennox, and a number of other influential figures of the court, he devised a plot which would end in using David Rizzio as a scapegoat for his own coup against Mary. 
On the night of 9th of March 1566, the conspirators decided to act. A group of 80 men barged into the Queen’s dining room, where she was having dinner with Rizzio and other confidants. Rudely interrupted, Mary Stuart quickly became aware of the gravity of the situation. One of the main conspirators, Lord Ruthven, initiated the previously orchestrated brawl while wearing battle armor. He accused Rizzio of having an affair with the Queen, emphasizing their assault as a matter of honor which needed to be settled. (Read more.)
Matthew Stewart, 4th Earl of Lennox, father of Henry, Lord Darnley
James I, son of Henry, Lord Darnley
Henry, Lord Darnley
Henry, Prince of Wales, son of James I, grandson of Darnley

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