Saturday, March 2, 2019

"The Collapse Will Come, Do Not Doubt It"

From a year ago but worth reading again. Via
Cardinal Robert Sarah has stated that the richness of Africa is “God and the family”. Talking to in January he added that the family is the foundation and if the family is destroyed by deadly ideologies, “the whole society will implode and collapse on itself.”

Sarah sees that this happens “without noise” and “under the effects of an almost complete anesthesia of the public opinion, as we can see at the moment in the West.”

The cardinal reminds that the reason for man’s existence is to live in conformity with the laws of God. If man loses this reason “he wanders like a rudderless ship, and will sooner or later run into the reefs of selfishness and indifference.”

Sarah points out that this happened to the old Roman Empire, “For the West it may take twenty years, fifty years, even a century, but it will happen, do not doubt it, unless the West converts.”

Sarah accuses the Western regimes to use their financial and mediatic power to bring its poison to the poorest and most vulnerable countries, particularly in Africa, “The money is used by the rich to murder Africa and to exploit its mining and human resources.” (Read more.)

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