Sunday, March 31, 2019

8 Social Skills Children Need To Know

From Blessed Learners:

Language Comprehension

In order to interact with others, children will need to comprehend basic language that’s used in their everyday life.  When you help a child develop this social skill they will be better able to articulate what they’re trying to communicate with others. Language comprehension is a huge social skill that helps with effective communication.

Eye Contact

It’s important to teach children how to maintain eye contact when speaking with another person. This helps guide the conversation in a positive direction.  Some children struggle with eye contact, especially children who are on the autism spectrum. While your child may struggle with this ability, try to encourage not force them to make eye contact during every conversation they have with you.

Good Manners

It’s best to teach children good manners from a young age as this will play a key factor in ensuring that their social interactions are positive experiences.  Manners are essential in ensuring that our children treat others with respect and kindness. A child with good manners will be more grateful and appreciative of others, which is extremely important in life.  (Read more.)

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