Saturday, March 23, 2019

The Counter-Revolution Begins at Home

From Life Site:
You trampled upon our culture and dignity and honor. You mocked the beautiful, the true, and the good, and raised us like animals who play in the mud and who learn early on how to rut and procreate like animals, now only supported by some new medications and methods. You did not raise us toward the beautiful, but you lowered us toward the ugly. In part, you did not even want to take care of your own offspring, and then you taught the world how one can simply kill the little ones in the thousands, and before they are even allowed to see the light of the world. How is it, then, that in that supposedly bad bourgeois-Christian society, there were never so many isolated, abandoned, drug-addicted, criminal and suicidal children and youth as there are today?

And we should thank you for this and praise you?

True humanity begins in the small things, not with big words. Humanity starts with the little ones who are vulnerable. Humanity starts by civilizing the little ones and teaching them the rules with which they can measure themselves and others so that they have a human standard with which to assess whether or not a war is just, a law a lie, or the conduct of a politician to be fitting or not. You destroyed all the rules and also the virtues and now are astonished that the politicians lie to you right and left? That they do not know anymore the word common good? Nor the Ten Commandments which still teach us clearly how one can be human?

Are you proud that your grandchildren follow the newest fashion, the newest computer games, and the latest ugly music fashion? Where are the great ideals of the younger generation?

Did you wake up at all when the great member of the 1968 movement, Gerhard Schröder, after laying down his office as chancellor, started to work for the Rothschild financial imperium; and were you awakened when the icon of the 1968 movement Joschka Fischer became a counsellor to the Albright Stonebridge Group? Is this a so-called anti-capitalism under new colors? Does this fit to Karl Marx? Perhaps somehow, since he himself also let himself be funded by a wealthy man – by financial capitalism.

Humanity starts in the small things. And demands loyalty. A man who is not loyal toward himself and others cannot be convincing, but he always appears to be only egoistical. Only in self-sacrifice and in perseverance are great things being created, as one can see in great artists. The lukewarm, in the long run, do not attract. They also do not bear good fruit. (Read more.)

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