Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Investing in Black Communities

From David Harris, Jr:
Although those things are certainly very important, the mainstream media continues to conveniently overlook or downplay some really great things that have taken place, and we know from experience that they seem to care about things that will paint the Trump administration in a bad light rather than to report the news about the good things on which he’s put his signature of approval. One such item that certainly deserves more attention is the Opportunity and Revitalization Council, a $100 billion initiative to deliver growth in urban communities. President Trump put his signature on the order back in December, but we’ve heard very little about it....

We can easily point to historic unemployment lows across the board, 400% growth of black-owned businesses, the formation of BLEXIT and Jexodus, and most recently, the huge gathering of blacks at the White House celebrating African American History Month as evidence to the contrary. Donald Trump is the most pro-American president we’ve seen for decades, especially if you take a good hard look at what has gone on behind the scenes and under the radar. He is completely color blind and giving Americans a reason to be proud to be a citizen of this country again. (Read more.)

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