Friday, March 29, 2019

NeverTrump, No Reserve

From Justin Raimondo at  Chronicles:
In just listing the various initiatives and projects taken up by Omidyar, it is dizzying to contemplate the resources available to the other wings of the oligarchical alliance.  George Soros can meet and match Omidyar, but there are several other contestants in this globalist philanthropy competition.  In the end, the bill must come to at least a billion dollars. 
These billionaires have more resources, in many cases, than many governments—and are, potentially, just as dangerous as any full-fledged state.  Speaking of which, the most active and certainly the most powerful components of the grand anti-Trump alliance are the governments of several of our faithful “allies.”  The British, originators of the infamous “dirty dossier,” have been directing Russiagate from MI6 headquarters.  The intelligence services of Eastern Europe and the Baltics are also involved, as well as the Australians and the Israelis, both of whom interacted with George Papadopoulos, the Trump campaign worker who supposedly had knowledge of Clinton’s emails. 
Which brings us to potentially the most dangerous of the anti-Trump forces: our own law-enforcement and intelligence officials, who have leaked, lied, and led a crusade to label a sitting president an agent of a foreign power. It’s a brazen attempt to seize power and establish a precedent.  If the coup succeeds, no president will be able to take or stay in office without the imprimatur of the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies. 
Will the American people stand for it?  The NeverTrumpers are counting on the indifference and disillusionment of the American people, hoping they’ll be hornswoggled by the sheer quantity of anti-Trumpism filling the airwaves and the pages of the nation’s newspapers. 
The irony of the entire situation is that this bloody battle for supremacy is being waged against a backdrop of peace and growing prosperity.  Unemployment is the lowest since government agencies started keeping track, wages are up, and so are the President’s poll numbers. (Read more.)

From The American Thinker:
I am firmly convinced the economy will be humming in November of 2020, barring acts of God and acts of war.  Trump can't interfere with the Lord, but he can certainly keep us out of war, and he will.  And the tax regime he installed, the regulatory relief he's providing, and the international markets he's opening are all powerful stimulants.  The Federal Reserve isn't going to rain on this parade, especially not with Stephen Moore joining it.  Animal spirits are flowing.  There's a lot of rational exuberance.  If you ever wanted to go into business, now would be the time to do it. 
This all makes a pretty economic pie, and there's a big scoop of ice cream to top it off.  It's something Trump had nothing to do with.  It's the best economic news of all.  Productivity is rising!  James Pethokoukis spells it all out in The Week. 
This is profoundly good news.  It means all the creativity of Silicon Valley is infiltrating American business, and the long-term consequences could be as drastic as the switch form muscle to steam, and from steam to electricity.  It's that big. All this means there's going to be 3% economic growth in 2020, maybe 4%. That means Trump is re-elected. (Read more.) 

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Nancy Reyes said...

it's not just in the USA.
Here in the Philippines, Omidyar is funding the anti Duterte netzine Rappler, in the name of the freedom of the press.