Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Rare Wisdom

From The American Thinker:
Politicians are used to seeing cowardice and being cowards.  So used to it are they that they cannot even imagine there being another way. Our president has proven to be quite different.  He is fearless.  He is bold.  He acts.  He accomplishes.  (What he would be accomplishing if those in his party had the courage to support him is hard to conceive.)  If one takes a moment to look at his brilliance, it is a truly rare and beautiful thing.
First off, the attacks were made to wear him down and wear him out.  To make him sue (and compromise) for peace.  He did not. Two, they thought they could make him overreact, go beyond his jurisdiction.  He did not do that, either. Three, when attacks on him directly failed, they went after his family.  The media in the end were saying his children were going to be indicted.  He did not wince.  (Neither did they.) (Read more.)

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