Monday, November 26, 2018

“Woke” Or Still Dreaming???

From A Lady of Reason:
Many radical liberal snowflakes claim to be “woke” in that they, unlike us who are not awake yet, are more keenly aware of issues such as inequality plaguing our society, and that we’re blinded by our “privilege” and lack of experience of their issues. They say we are ignorant, bigoted and will not listen to facts and reason on these issues. The issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia etc… etc… They say our opinions and our facts are merely prejudice in disguise as facts! That we being the “silent majority” is a “racist dog whistle” as someone on my Twitter page commented! However, experience and observation have shown, that many of their suppositions are actually untrue, or over exaggerated, leaving out all the nuance!

I wonder then, if this new “woke” movement of the snowflakes, one of entitlement, victimhood and being “triggered” over “microagressions” is merely in a dream! They may think they live in the reality of the situation, but perhaps they are still being deceived by a very lucid dream! I’ve had many a dream where in it, it made perfect sense, but when I truly “woke” from it, I realized from the moment my eyes opened, it made absolutely zero sense in the rules of logic, (and sometimes physics)!

For example, the dream of open borders, that everyone can just come here peacefully, and we have enough to help all, while an idyllic fantasy, is a beautiful dream. The dream that illegals contribute more than they take, and aren’t bringing more crime and 3rd world values and potential terrorists in through refugees. The dream that welfare is only given to the worthy, and it’s a misconception people and entire communities are dependent on it as a way of life from cradle to grave, and that the only thing holding them back is our prejudice. The dream that it’s the “patriarchy” that accounts for gender differences, and “inequalities”. That the woman must always be believed and will tell the truth in cases of allegations of sexual assault. That transgender people pose no threat to the order of society, and women in lady’s rooms by cisgender men under the guise of being a woman. That established science is incorrect, and there are many genders, not just XX and XY, and that any other genetic combo is normal, not an abnormal pathology. That women can do just as well in the front lines of combat as men.

That a person’s rights can be annulled in the name of female “empowerment”, and women are empowered by acting vulgar and promiscuous. That hook up culture is okay, and isn’t risky, and those who pop out unwanted children are valid to cry for out pity and charity after their little hook ups. “Any family is a real family”. That guns kill, and people aren’t the ones in charge of them! That countless children died in school due to the NRA and guns, not evil people who used them for evil. There is no “liberal” conspiracy in the mainstream media, our schools and elsewhere. There is no censoring of conservatives online and everywhere. That there is no violence against conservatives and the Left is tolerant of their freedom of speech and expression. That no student or teacher was ever retaliated against for conservative views in the classroom. That conservatives endorse hate speech and use it. That we’re racist, fascist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic etc… That we moralize too much that is merely cultural and arbitrary. That our current president Donald Trump is dirtier than the dirtiest liberal candidate. I could go on and on and on…(Read more.)

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