Friday, November 9, 2018

The Migrant Caravan and the Total Hypocrisy of the Left

From Eric Bolling at Charleston Mercury:
As a hoard of migrants makes its way through Mexico toward the United States’ southern border ... the progressive left, aided in no small part by the mainstream media, is out in force trying to paint anyone who expresses concern about the caravan’s nationality, intent and financial backing with a “racist” brush.

This is not a racist comment:  “I believe this is a mob seeking financial improvement ... not a caravan of migrants seeking political asylum.” I’ll point to the Department of Homeland Security tweet on October 23 that notes there are gang members and individuals with substantial criminal histories among the group. 

DHS Press Secretary Tyler Q. Houlton said in a tweet that the agency “can confirm that there are individuals within the caravan who are gang members or have significant criminal histories.” I’ll also mention Univision reporter traveling with the crowd. Francisco Santa Anna said this:  “Yesterday, when we were traveling through Guatemala, we noticed people from El Salvador and even people from Bangladesh.”

Criminals, gang members and people from thousands of miles away from predominantly Muslim countries are among the mass crowd moving toward us. I don’t like it, nor do millions like me. Conservative — not racist. Call me skeptical about the “political” nature of the asylum they seek. But don’t call me racist. I’d feel the same way if it were a group from Italy or Denmark attempting to do the same.

Again, we allow people who make it to America fleeing “political” asylum, a chance to enter the U.S. But there are requirements beyond just showing up and demanding entry. We don’t let just anyone in — especially not people simply looking for a piece of the American Pie.

If we let anyone in claiming “asylum” (of random type) without vetting the nature of that claim, our borders will non-existent. Our jobs will be taken by cheap labor. Our schools will be overcrowded. Our prisons will be overrun with new inmates. Our budgets for welfare will be busted. And very likely, our hospitals will be filled beyond capacity with new diseases entering our communities. As of today, the Center for Disease Control is watching the Congo. It looks like yet another Ebola outbreak in Central Africa. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

A country has a right to protect its borders...period, exclamation point!! It is a sovereign right and should not be turned into some sort of political advantage to undermine the President. Obama, Clinton and every president in the past has protected the borders....and yes, there already was a wall in many areas. So 'building a wall' is not something new or racist. And, by the way, to you Canadians, mind your own business!