Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Fall Floral Arrangements

From Victoria:
In fall, nature bestows her blessings with reckless abandon, leaving remembrances scattered throughout the land. When the majesty unfurls, gather up favorite items—multicolored foliage, lush flowers, and branches laden with berries—to create displays of fall florals that enhance your Thanksgiving décor with the treasures of the moment. Vegetables become still life in our classic grouping. Sweeping left to right, the eye moves from frilly ruffles of flowering kale to gently scalloped rosettes of ornamental cabbage. Artichokes echo the subdued palette of sage and plum, while a handful of dahlias and calla lilies lends drama to the composition. (Read more.)

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Diane L said...

Thank you for the perfectly worded entry. Fall is such a magical season. That is one of the things that has me torn. My best friends are getting married and they value my opinion greatly. They want either a fall wedding or a tropical destination wedding. Both have their pros and cons. If they stay local they will have a friend do the photos and if they have a destination wedding they are leaning toward Turks and Caicos. I have done my research for them and have found a great wedding photographer. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures to help with my decision.