Thursday, November 15, 2018


From TFP:
As three human caravans snake their way through Mexico, two different visions of America emerge. The first vision can be represented by several metaphors that reflect a materialistic, mechanical mindset.  Thus, some see America as a giant shareholding company in which immigrants, legal or otherwise, are seen from a purely economic perspective of new workers or potential shareholders. Others might see America as a gigantic cruise ship where they invite immigrants to join a great party in which everyone chases after happiness. Everything is centered upon the individual and the frenetic pursuit of material well-being. This vision thrives in an atmosphere of unrestraint, sensations and emotions. It naturally finds resonance in liberal media and politics.

However, a second vision is represented by those who see America as a nation. Those in this latter group can evoke organic metaphors to express their view. Thus, we might say that America represents a community with a shared history, calling and set of social values. America is similar to a family that loves, shelters and nurtures its members. America is a special land that is the object of sovereignty, identity and patriotism. All these elements unite and forge us into a people. The emphasis of this vision is the symbiosis between a nation and its people. While including social cooperation, its foundations are cultural and spiritual values. The nation bestows blessings upon members but also exacts duties and sacrifices. These two visions clash in the present caravan debate. The caravans are just the latest expression of the dispute in the general public over what America should be as a nation. And they further divide and polarize the country. (Read more.)

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julygirl said...

I am fed up with being preached to that we are a 'nation of immigrants', but we cannot become a refugee camp. Current immigration, as it has in the past, must follow procedures, as it did in the past.