Saturday, November 24, 2018

Is Conservative Fashion Trending Globally?

From Russian Faith:
There have been a number of articles written of late about a fascinating trend going on in the world of fashion. Now, what's so interesting here is that the fashion industry, like any industry, is driven by trends that are either from the top down or from the bottom up, or what we might call, in economic terms, a supplier-driven trend versus a consumer-driven trend. So, in the case of a top-down or supply-side trend, professional designers come up with new and innovative fashion ideas, and consumers respond in kind. But with a bottom-up trend, it's the demands of the consumer that moves the market, and fashion can be particularly influenced by consumer based trends.

Now, what's so interesting here is that, within the current state of fashion, there's emerged, over the last few years, a very noticeable bottom-up consumer-based trend. In fact, the appeal of such a trend appears to be so widespread that they're actually calling it a movement. And that trend that is so significantly moving the fashion markets as we speak is what analysts are calling the conservative fashion movement. It's also known as the modesty movement. It's a fashion trend where sex appeal is, in many respects, taking a back seat to a sense of refinement and elegance.

Women particularly appear to be increasingly attracted to dressing in a manner that evokes a sense of sophistication, and poise, and charm, and gracefulness. In fact, within the last five years alone, we're seeing a noticeable increase on search terms related to fashion and modesty on Google searches, and retailers are taking notice, so much so, that there's arisen now a very vibrant business market that features clothing specifically tailored for modesty appeal.

As one journalist put it, it turns out that the modesty aesthetic is proving to be one of the most popular trends in fashion, and its prevalence has, in many respects, gone mainstream with fashion designers such as Celine and others, who are creating a conservative modesty line as part of their dress offerings. In fact, analysts are noting that Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is fast becoming a modesty style icon, with her long-sleeved wedding dress, her regular knee-length hemlines, which are becoming what some have called the gold standard of modesty. Our first lady, Melania Trump, has become an icon of modest dress as well. Many of you may have been noticing that, on, they've been featuring the fashion trends of Melania as a model of class, poise, of conservative charm and dignity.

From a practical vantage point, the modesty movement really means little more than simply longer hemlines or long sleeves, looser shapes, higher necklines. It's also an extremely diverse aesthetic with all kinds of applications, in many respects. It's endless. And, again, this is being reflected with the bigger fashion industry. From Celine's and Gucci's makers, we're seeing dress over pants layering. We're seeing Victorian style blouses. We're seeing long cardigans, roomy pants, high-necked tops, and the like. (Read more.)

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