Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Ending Election Fraud

From American Thinker:
As election night victories seemingly slip away from GOP candidates like Martha McSally in Arizona, Brian Kemp in Georgia, and Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in Florida, one can almost hear Democrat operatives and election officials asking the same question -- how many votes does the Democrat candidate need? As in the race that put Al Franken in the Senate, recounts and lawsuits will inevitably continue until the Democrat takes the lead and then the counting will stop with nary a protest from the legacy media or the Russians.
Take the little-noticed flip of a Republican congressional seat in New Mexico after a supposed election night victory was announced by local and national media for the GOP contender. This was the announcement by ABC:

Wednesday 2:18 a.m. EST -- Republican Yvette Herrell has defeated Democrat Xochitl Torres Small in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, ABC News can project. Herrell is the first woman to represent the district.
Not so fast. Before the echoes of that announcement had faded, missing ballots suddenly were repeatedly found, just enough to flip the results to the Democrat. Amazingly, missing ballots are seemingly never found that give the lead to or increase it for the Republican. Herrell is not conceding the race:

In an interview on Fox News, Herrell told Judge Jeanine Pirro that after multiple media outlets called the race for her on Election Night, the secretary of state's office called her and said, "they had magically found 4,000 ballots that had not been counted."
Herrell said, about an hour later, the secretary state's office called again and said they found another 4,000 ballots.
That second batch of 4,000 was enough to flip the election to the Democrat. As Mayor Daley might say, his voice rising from a cemetery precinct, just tell me how many votes do you need? Or as Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin once reportedly observed, “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” (Read more.)

From The Western Journal:
While “all eyes” are on Florida amidst accusations of potential election fraud, there may have been something fishy going on in St. Clair County, Illinois. According to The Gateway Pundit, this would not be the first time something like this has happened, either. Peggy A. Hubbard posted a multi-tweet thread explaining what happened in the 2018 midterm elections, noting that she was an election judge. She began describing some of what she witnessed as she watched the polling station. But that wasn’t all she saw. (Read more.)

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