Saturday, October 20, 2018

To Protect and Defend

From Live Action News:
In recognition of October as Down Syndrome Awareness Month, President Donald Trump released a statement affirming the right to life of people with Down syndrome. He said the month was a time for “celebrating the lives of the more than 250,000 Americans with Down syndrome and those around the world with this condition.”

In the statement, Trump stressed the need for “deepening our understanding of Down syndrome and learning more about how we can ensure the beautiful people with Down syndrome are able to fully participate in society.” He acknowledged that advancements in therapies and interventions have contributed to more children with Down’s being “able to live fulfilling, independent, and productive lives.” He stressed there is a need for ongoing education and acceptance to counter the “persistent myths and stigmas” surrounding the condition.

Trump affirmed his administration’s commitment to honoring the sanctity of life of people with Down syndrome at every stage. In the United States and other developed nations, prenatal screening and testing have resulted in significantly more prenatal diagnoses of Trisomy 21. These prenatal diagnoses lead many parents to end the lives of their children through abortion. In some countries, the percentage of parents with this prenatal diagnosis opting for abortion is approaching 100 percent. Preborn babies are marked for death simply because of a disability, which many rightly recognize as a form of lethal discrimination. (Read more.)

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